Austin 3 Litre

The last big luxury Austin


With the exception of a solitary hearse, no derivatives of the Austin 3 Litre were built by the factory. Any different body styles were carried out by coachbuilders. Photographs of these derivatives can be found in the Photo Gallery

  • Hearse
    The 3 litre was a very popular vehicle with the various coachbuilders who contsructed Hearse's. The self leveling rear suspension system was very useful for this application, most of these type of vehicles have a "double deck" in the rear so two coffins can be carried. One is out of sight and is swopped over after the first funeral, this saves time on return journeys. The self leveling suspension keeps the car at the correct height. The Woodhall Nicholson conversion was voted Hearse of the year in 1968. Until the 1980's Hearse's were  exempt from the mot test, subsequently when they were included into the mot scheme, many were found to be beyond economic repair and were taken out of service. Very few 3-Litre Hearse's are known to have survived.
  • Estate cars
    Crayford Coachworks converted eleven cars into estates versions. A very stylish conversion using an Austin 1100/1300 tailgate. A seven seat version was listed as an option. Only two of these cars have surviveved but neither are currently roadworthy.
  • Ambulance
    The ambulance variants had a fibreglass roof, blue flashing lights and sirens. A single stretcher was fitted to the left side of the vehicle. It is believed 23 were built, only two are known to have survived only one of these is roadworthy.
  • Limousine
    It is believed seven cars were converted to limousines. A long vehicle with seven seats and a glass division behind the front seats, two of the rear seats were folding. Only one car has known to have survived and restoration started on this vehicle in 2020