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Austin 3 Litre Parts

A significant move has been made by the owners club towards having parts remanufactured for these cars, recent additions to the range now include exhaust systems, exhaust mountings, OE quality rear radius arm bushes, choke cables, silicon by-pass hoses, heater hoses, radiator hoses, brake discs and alternator warning lamp control units. The range of parts is expanding rapidly so please contact Neil with your requirements if you do not see what you need here. Club Members recieve a discount on the price of the parts listed here.       

All Austin 3 Litre parts wanted. New and used parts bought, any quantity considered even complete cars. To advertise please send your adverts to Neil at;

Brake Discs remaufactured! A club member in Australia has had a batch of brake discs remanufactured. Many club members around the world have now got new brake discs, these items have been obsolete for well over 20 years. These were only available to club members who took part in the scheme.

Main silencers  These have been remanufactured and are now in stock, (Pictured below) they are made from 304 stanless steel and are of high quality. These have been made to a set specification to assure quality and correct exhaust note.

Rear Radius Arm bush's (set of four)  These are now available and are the original "DX" type bearing as per OE fitment. Supplied with a fitting guide fact sheet.


By Pass Hoses I am now able to supply high quality  three ply kevlar reinforced silicone  by-pass hoses, these are very flexible and much easier to fit than those normally supplied by specialist factors. At £4.50 each they are also half the price of the OE hose normally offered by MG suppliers.


Top and Bottom Radiator Hoses High quality radiator hoses have been remade, these are an excellent fit and being made rom modern materials will last many years.

Suspension Pipes now available, I have the tooling to remake the front to rear pipes and the short front  pipe. I keep these in stock. The pipe itself is copper, very bendy and of course no more rust worries!

Suspension pipes.Self Level Pump Seal Kits  Self leveling pump seal kits are now available, comprehensive kit as shown. A reconditioning service and a thread repair service for the pump bodies using steel inserts is also available, contact Neil with your requirements.

Steering Rack Seal Kits, These have been somewhat of a problem in recent years due to the double lip main seal within the rack being unavailable. Well not any more! 2013 saw these main seals being remade and the kits are now available again, the only exception currently is the column seal, the tooling for this is rather costly so another solution is being looked into.

All parts can be paid for by cheque, cash  or PayPal, Owners club members get a discount where possible, for details, orders and postage costs, contact Neil at

Front Suspension Bump Stops. Excellent quality remanufactured front bump stops.

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