Austin 3 litre

The last big luxury Austin

Austin 3 Litre HistoryThe Austin 3-Litre had a short life and certainly fell short of the expectations of its makers in terms of sales.  Predicted sales of 10000 cars a year were maybe optomistic in an era where large cars were in an era of decline, the 3-Litre was to replace the much loved Austin Wesminster but also had to fit in with the rest of the range of other cars in the BL family. This pretty much guaranteed a hydrolastic suspension set up would be required. The idea of the car was first discussed in the early sixties, the picture above was takin in April 1963. At one point a collaboration with Rolls Royce was discussed and to use the Rolls Royce FB40 engine, the car was to be marketed as either a Rolls Royce Rangoon or a Bentley Bengal. This project got as far as half size clay models as pictured below, before being abandoned, Rolls Royce then went off and built the Silver Shadow.