Austin 3-Litre Owners Club

This site is of course home to the Austin 3-Litre Owners Club, and also tries to cover all things Austin 3-Litre. Our club is free to join too! Most insurance companies insist on Owners Club membership to comply with the terms and conditions of their classic insurance. You don't need to own an Austin 3-Litre to join the owners club, just to be a fan of these fine cars is fine by us. The club as always is here to help you preserve, use and enjoy your car, connect you with the parts and help needed to keep it on the road, and to provide you with technical help.  As the cars age and parts supply becomes more difficult the club is remanufacturing parts where possible, this is proving very successful and many parts are now available again that have been unavailable for many years. Please be aware that the club is not a place to source cars for banger racing.                                             The club is an online club, and as such there are currently no plans to charge a fee to join the club, think of it more as an online community, Newsletters are e-mailed out bi-monthly and other news sent out on an "as it comes" basis. Due to the club being purely on-line, all I need from you to join is your name and e-mail address,  If you are interested in joining please forward your details to.  Your email address will only be kept for communication within the club and will not be passed on to any third parties.

 Austin 3-Litre Owners Club History.

There have been a few Austin 3-Litre Owners Clubs over the years, the first I am aware of was set up at least as early as the late 1970's by a company called Motorspeed, they also sold Austin 3-Litre spares at the time. That club waned as the cars became used less as daily drivers and became used more as a cherished form of transport, the demand for spare parts then also fell. For a time the Cambridge Westminster Car Club catered for the 3-Litre as well as their own range of cars. In the early 90's a stand alone club was formed, I was spares secretary and technical secretary for this club but it was closed very abruptly and without notice to the members, or for that matter the committee. I restarted the club in January 1996 and ran it with a bi-monthly publication for many years until member numbers became too small to warrant printing a newsletter. Interest in these cars has increased greatly over the last few years. This renewed interest is reflected in ever increasing values for the best examples. Club membership has inreased very rapidly recently and I am delighted to say the club is now at its strongest for many years and has a wordwide membership.